Industry Symposia

Tecniplast Symposium

Diamond Sponsor / The Tecniplast InterZebTEC: a Novel Technical Approach to the Environmental Microbiological Monitoring of Zebrafish

Monday, October 26th, 10:50 - 11:20 CET (GMT +01:00), Virtual Room B

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  • Moderator: Marco Brocca
  • Speaker: Dr. Gianpaolo Milite, D.V.M. M.Sc.LAS
  • Short biography: Gianpaolo Milite graduated in Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from the University of Parma (Italy) in 1986 and received his Master of Science in Laboratory Animals from the Royal Veterinary College in London (UK) in 1991. For many years he worked as production manager of a large SPF, gnotobiotic and germ-free rodent unit. From 2000, on a consultancy basis, he offers Scientific support to a number of private institutions dealing with the environmental influence on animal welfare, health monitoring maintenance of Germ-free mice in Individually Ventilated Cages (Isocage)*. He is also teacher in the post-graduate course on Laboratory Animal Medicine at the Veterinary Faculty in Milano. Since 2009 he is member of the Scientific Committee of Fondazione Guido Bernardini in Milano and external ethical advisor for a European research Consortium.
  • Short Description: Tecniplast InterZebTEC system: the first attempt to simplify and standardize the methodologies of microbiological investigation in aquatic species by offering the possibility of introducing a simple health and hygiene monitoring routine with a standardized sample collection methodology.

Aquaneering Symposium

Gold Sponsor - Aquaneering / Aquatic Facility Design: Considerations for Aquatic Facility Planning

Tuesday, October 27th, 14:35 - 14:50 CET (GMT +01:00), Virtual Room B

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  • Moderator: Bill Kilgore
  • Speaker: Bobbi Baur
  • Short biography: Bill Kilgore is the Western US Region Sales & Technical Support representative for Aquaneering. Bill has been working in the zebrafish industry for over 20 years and his expertise and experience in setting up new zebrafish facilities is invaluable.
  • Bobbi Baur is Aquaneering’s Senior Sales Executive. She has been working with the zebrafish community for over 14 years and is delighted to be the primary contact for our international customers.
  • Short Description: Planning a new Zebrafish Facility? There’s a lot to consider. Aquaneering previews our presentation on Aquatic Facility Design, which we make available to individuals and groups wanting to be informed when making this important step

Plexx / Iwaki Aquatic Symposium

Gold Sponsor - Plexx / Iwaki Aquatic Workshop on the New LAbREED™ Zebrafish Housing System

Tuesday, October 27th, 15:25 - 15:40 CET (GMT +01:00), Virtual Room B

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  • Moderator: Erwin Smulders
  • Speaker: Eric Moore
  • Short biography: Eric joined Iwaki Aquatic in 2016. He has been working with aquatic researchers for over 17 years helping them design, plan, manage and maintain their aquatic systems. Eric received his Bachelor’s degree in Aquaculture and Fisheries Science in 1999 from The University of Rhode Island and began his career that same year with Marine Biotech. In 2008 Marine Biotech merged with Aquatic Habitats and then with Pentair in 2013. Eric is well known for his commitment to his clients and his knowledge of Aquatic Research Systems.
  • Short Description: In this workshop we will be showing you the new Iwaki Aquatic LAbREED™ Zebrafish Housing System featuring new tank designs of 2L, 4.5L, and 9L. The tanks have been designed for improved solids removal while keeping tank assembly simple with just three parts. Our redundant speed-controlled pumps provide constant flow to your zebrafish over time as filters accumulate debris, a first in the industry! Our life support controller is the most capable and flexible controller on the marketplace and when connected to our new cloud-based software program (Fluent™), you will be able to trend and record water quality over time, set alerts, change parameters, escalate alarms, and so much more. Please join our workshop to learn about these exciting new features on the LAbREED™ Zebrafish Housing System.